Nanonex Material Family

Nanonex offers a variety of nanoimprint materials, including resists tailored
for thermoplastic, photo-curable and thermal curable NIL, surface treatment
agents for various purposes, and mold materials. Customized materials
are also available.

NXR-1000 Series, Thermoplastic and Thermal Curable Resists
Sub-10 nm resolution and wafer-scale uniformity
Ultra-fast response and excellent flow
Low processing temperature and pressure
Strong adhesion to substrates
Stable at room temperature
Suitable for direct etching and lift-off


NXR-2000 Series, Photo-Curable Resists
Sub-5 nm demonstrated resolution and wafer-scale uniformity
Room temperature operation
Super-low viscosity
Spin-on or resist-drop dispensing
Excellent etching resistance
Low UV-curing dosage


NXR-3000 Series, Underlayer Resists
Optimizing direct etching and lift-off processes
Excellent thermal stability
Easy handling and processing
Planarizing sample surfaces
Strong adhesion to top layer resists and substrates

NXR-4000 Series, Mold Materials
Easy mold formation with one-step imprint
Strong and durable when cured
Stable mechanical and chemical properties

NXT-100 Series, Surfactants for Nanoimprint
Ensuring reliable mold-resist separation
Promoting adhesion between resists and substrates
Easy handling and processing
Stable properties after treatment

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